Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a particular form of massage/bodywork in general used before, during and after sports events. Its purpose is to assure an optimum performance to to the athlete in order to evacuate tiredness, to reduce swelling and muscular tension, to favour suppleness and to prevent wounds.

Sports Massage is a generic term for three different types of massage linked to athletic performance. Every sports massage/bodywok type has its own advantages. According to the athlete's needs, a variety of techniques is used including classic Swedish massage movements, the transverse friction of fibers, working with different levels of pressure points, as well as joint movements.

The Benefits of Sports Massage/Bodywork

Sport pre-event

• Helps to warm up the muscles by stretching them and by making them flexible for optimum sports performance.

• Stimulates the blood circulation and the nutriments' transportation towards the muscles.

• Reduces muscular tension, helps to unloose the muscles and brings the feeling of psychological preparation.

Sport post-event

• Contributes to reduce swelling, relaxes and invigorates the muscles.

• Helps to support suppleness.

• Favours the blood flow towards the muscle to eliminate lactic acid
and accumulation of waste, thus reducing cramps.

Sport Maintenance Sports Massage

• Must be performed at least one time per week as an integral part of any sports training program.

• Increases the blood circulation and the nutriments' transportation towards the muscles.

• It also allows to unwind the conjuntive tissue so that the different coats of the muscular blade slip one on top of each other.

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Federico's Sports Background.

On the sports side I am a former Marathon Runner (Ciudad de Mexico, Helsinki, Stockholm, New York, Amsterdam, Wachau and Brussels Marathons are in my legs and heart memories) and Triathlete (countless Olympic distance International triathlons), with 50 years on my vessel I am an avid cyclist and swimmer and long distance bicyclist, I have crossed Norway, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France and Austria some years ago, and in 2013 I cycled 17000 kms from Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego to Cancun in Mexico, and only the Universe knows when I will stop..

That said, when you look for Osadhi's massage/bodywork for a sport massage session you are in good hands with a sound experience as a masseur/bodyworker and a sports lover.

The sore and sometimes tired muscles of professional football soccer players (e.g. the Gabon national team's captain), female and male marathon runners and cyclists have met release and relaxation through my hands.



Considerations for Massage/Bodywork

Before a massage/bodywork a shower or a hot bath is recommended.
This will allow not only to help muscles to relax in order to be prepared for our massage/bodywork but also to eliminate unnecesary products on the skin
(oils, perfumes) wich could interfere with the essential bio oils applied by the masseur/bodyworker.

If you plan to keep your underwear during massage, be sure that they are not too tight or limitative because it could diminish your relaxation as well as the capacity of the masseur to work on the gluteal region and the back.

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Sports Massage/Bodywork

at Home/Office

Finally set up this instant of healing possibilities and individual massage/bodywork at home, thanks to a unique massage/bodywork combining both western and oriental relaxation techniques.

PLEASE DO NOT GET CONFUSED I PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE ONLY. In case you are looking for something else go somewhere else.

I will arrive to your place (office, home)* with my
working equipment:: portable massage table,
towels and bio essential oils .

Set up a Massage appointment 5/7

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