Podal Reflexology

Podal Reflexology is a therapeuthic technique based on a reflex technique.
It is a manual massage/bodywork which works directly on the symptoms rather than on the surface where the problem-pain starts.

This massage/bodywork is based on the main reflex zones located on the plants of the feet. Podal Reflexology is applied to the reflex zones located on the ankles, the back and the plant of the feet.
Through nervous system every part of the feet is in direct relationship with the body's organs, following a very precise topography.
By stimulating a specifc reflex point on the foot the stimulation of the corresponding organ is released. Thus, its action covers the totality of the body's physiological systems: nervous, lymphatic, urinay, endocrin, etc.
Through massage and specific acupressions, the masseur/bodyworker inderectly works on the organs, thus achieving a re-equilibrium of the
whole body.

The Benefits

Podal Reflexology is particularly efficient aginst the functuional problems located on the following physiological systems :
• Digestive
• Hormonal
• Genital
• Respiratory
• Urinary
• Circulatory

• Podal Reflexology helps to reduce nervous tension and sttress.

• Podal Relexology helps to achieve physical and psychological relaxation.

• Podal Reflexology increases blood and lymphatic circulation.

• Podal Reflexology sets up the organic and cellular functions, brings into equilibrium and regulates the metabolic malfunctions and the Homeostasis (as Walter Bradford Cannon points out, "the homeostasis is the dynamic equilibrium that keeps us alive." The homéostasis is the maintenance of the totality ofthe organism's physico-chimical parameters, which must remain relatively constant: glycemy, temperature, salt levels in the blood, etc.).
Many diseases are a result of disturbance of homeostasis, a condition known as homeostatic imbalance. As it ages, every organism will lose efficiency in its control systems.
The inefficiencies gradually result in an unstable internal environment that increases the risk for illness. In addition, homeostatic imbalance is also responsible for the physical changes associated with aging.

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Considerations for Massage/Bodywork

Before a massage/bodywork a shower or a hot bath is recommended.
This will allow not only to help muscles to relax in order to be prepared for
our massage but also to eliminate unnecesary products on the skin
(oils, perfumes) wich could interfere with the essential bio oils applied by the masseur/bodyworker in your legs and feet .

During Podal Reflexology you keep your clothes on, be sure that they are not too tight or limitative (especially on your limbs) because it could diminish your relaxation. Please make sure your legs are free until your knees in order to apply some oil on them.

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Podal Reflexology


at Home/Office

Finally set up this instant of healing possibilities and individual massage/bodywork at home, thanks to a unique massage/bodywork combining both western and oriental relaxation techniques.

PLEASE DO NOT GET CONFUSED I PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE ONLY. In case you are looking for something else go somewhere else.

I will arrive to your place (office, home)* with my
working equipment:: portable massage table,
towels and bio essential oils .

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