Reconnective Healing®
for Humans and Animals

What is Reconnective Healing®?

Reconnective Healing® is a thoroughly New form of Healing that based on sound scientific research is here on our planet Earth for the first time. Never before humankind has received such a miraculous gift from Source.
A healing which will reconnect strands and strings with the Cosmic Frequencies of Energy, Light and Information.

Since the first time Dr. Eric Pearl received his personal gift of The Reconnection® and the Reconnective Healing® these marvellous cosmic healing, since then through his hands Eric Pearl and already more than 140,000 hands around Mother Earth have healed thousands of people,from incredible amount of different diseases e.g. Cancer, HVS, Arthrosis, Fibromyalgia, Addictions, Traumas, Depresion, Anxiety just to name a few from the endless spectrum of pain and suffering sources in the human body, mind and soul.
In addition, people have received information about their relationships and life purpose. Still others report empowerments such as courage to make changes, renewed self-confidence, discovery of hidden talents, greater ease to forgive and move on, as well as other soul-transforming experiences. Some clients can't even describe the changes in words but know that something deep inside has shifted or changed -- that they have connected with a deeper, grander, vaster part of themselves.

Contrary to what the Reconnective Healing© does other subsets of energy healing techniques cannot cure as through sound research in the laboratory has been demonstrated, different fashioned techniques such as Rei.., Ki G.., Tai C., just to name a few.

During a session, people experiences may differ. Some people experience a lot of sensations from twitching, tingling, heat, cold, pressure and more, while others experiences are more subtle- however, the effectiveness of the healing is not dependent on how many sensations or experiences the client has. Some of the most profound healing occurs when the session itself was quite uneventful. Thousands of individuals have benefited from Reconnective Healing ranging from the very young to the elderly.

A Reconnective Healing practitioner does not diagnose or treat any specific health challenge or try to ‘direct’ the healing in anyway. The best way to allow for a healing is to proceed in a state of expectancy, without expectation or attachment. Withdraw your participatory thought process and simply observe when there is something to notice, as well as when there is nothing to notice. The healing that's most appropriate for you is the one you will receive.

This is a new spectrum of Healing that allows us to achieve those places on the Cosmos that always were intended to exist there for us in order to become what we were intended to be, always . It has nothing to do with faith, believe, hope or much less with clumsy New Age approaches.

Normally one session might be enough. Nevertheless, Reconnective Healers around the world recommend that you consider up to 3 sessions. So at Osadhi we suggest you this too, consider 3 sessions as a whole. Each session needs between 33 to 45 minutes of Reconnective Healing®. Each session is unique, based on many reconnective healers' experience, the person reports special sensations and experiences at the third session.

Reconnective Healings appear when you less expect them to occur. It is accepting the healing in the mental part of people that makes time to appear longer in order people accept the gift to be healed. Perhaps it is the case that you achieve all you are looking for with the first session, if not perhaps during the second or the third one. It is not up to me as a reconnective healer, not even up to you but to the cosmic frequencies to decide what and when to give to you. But be sure, it will be exactly what your body, mind and soul need to evolve and be in endless joy. It will be up to you should you feel the need for more sessions, which honestly I do not recommend at all, but if it is the case that great improvements in your life: physical, emotional, mental, social and work have incredibly changed for the best, then you might be contacting me again after 3 to 6months or so for a forth session.
Only the Cosmic Source will tell.

Interview with Eric Pearl where he explains What is The Reconnection® and
Reconnective Healing® all about.

Official Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Considerations for Reconnective Healing® Seassions

- During the Reconnective Healing® session wear comfortable clothes for the season. Know that you will lie down on your back on a table massage without your footwear, to make sure therefore your feet are warm use dry socks.

- Avoid wearing some perfume and do not use perfumed soap for your skin or your hair when you take a shower the day of our session. The Reconnective Healing® Session should take place in an environment without fragrances, aromas and sounds, as much as possible.

- There is no problem if you wear jewellery, as long as they do not bother you during your Reconnective Healing® session.

State of Mind .
As we start your Reconnective Healing® session, you will lie on a massage table, then I will kindly ask you to close your eyes and simply relax. It is recommended you keep a state of receptivity towards the outcome.

Most of all, it is not necessary nor recommended to meditate, pray or expect any specific result. Just be open to the experience, knowing that you are part of a very positive and magnificent moment that arrives directly from Source / Love / the Cosmic Frequencies (your choice) which aim is to give you exactly that Gift you need at that precise moment.

At the same time become Observer and the Observed one. Do not hold to any participative thought, as if you would simply would like to have a time to rest. Just observe what happens within you, that is all. Focus your attention inside your body and let the process travel through you. Reconnective Healing® is made without any contact on behalf of the practitioner despite what you might feel during your session.…

The Reconnective Healing® sessions take from 33 to 45 minutes.
Normally I recomend you take 3 sessions maximum.

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Reconnective Healing® For Animals
(within their environment)

When working with animals he same healing principles apply as when working with people. Animals are very receptive to the Reconnective Healing® frequencies, they do not struggle with doubts or questioning, they just receive!

It seems that Animals have an innate sense of the frequencies' work, very often great transformational healing is evident after working with an animal just once. Animals seem to reconnect
very easily and appreciate the facilitation of the healing frequencies. Other practitioners who work with animals report that it is very efficacious to apply Reconnective Healing® on abused or neglected animals, as these animals take in the healing frequencies and experience comfort and thus they start to trust once more.


The way I work with the Reconnective Healing® on Animals.

As a reconnective healing® practitioner at Osadhi I assist your animals in their release of individual and collective past trauma. These healing energies work at the cellular level thereby releasing the vibrations that hold the pattern of disease. I simply enhance the relationship with nature and the animal realm with a gentle, non-invasive way to assist all animals in healing physical illness, fear, anxiety, and even behavioral issues.
Other benefits include restored balance, bringing about an improved state of health, the ability to accelerate the healing process as well as keeping your animal friend calm, at rest and peaceful during stressful situations.

Since I started to apply Reconnective Healing® on animals I have eyewitnessed already a couple of miraculous healings. One of them really impressed me: it was with a dying pidgeon who once the reconnectrive healing frequencies have worked on him came towards my hands and with his eyes now wide open stared at mine as if to say thank you man
and then he ran way.


• At Osadhi generally we recommend from 1 to 3 sessions, with a window of 7 to 14 days between each session. Animals love these frequencies. It is not strange to watch them lying on their backs and remain motionless.

• Consider around 33 minutes per session.
In order to avoid producing stress on the Animals the best thing to do is to work right at their environment

• I will drive to your place where the animal lives, but in case you live beyond 5 km away from Brussels I will need to review the fare.

During the Healing Session:
I will move my hands above and around the animal's body. It is almost clear that the animal won't stay quiet at one place, so I will follow the animal during the session. Despite the animal's movement the work will be as efffective as when the animal would not move at all.

Following the Sessions:
The work after the last session is not over yet, the reconnective fequencies will continue to work on the animal until the next day and beyond. Be patient and eyewitness the reconnective healing® results.

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In regards to Reconnective Healing®, Osadhi/Federico Garcia does make any promise or declaration, as no guarantee is offered, I do not provide any diagnostic, as I do not treat any particular health problem or illness. Your medical treatment currently followed remains your sole responsibility.

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