Californian Massage

The Californian massage is particularly relaxing, soothing, more superficial on the touch if we compare to other massage methods, it is more enveloping and at the same time professionally speaking very effective. it simply respects the trajectory of our body's meridians and reflex zones.

Mental tension gives up and Relaxation takes all its sense thanks to slow and ample movements and the sequence of effleurage, petrisage and linking mouvements, which link up all the body parts among themselves.

Californian massage is a total approach which aims as much at relaxation as at the awakening of a psycho-bodily conscience. This massage uses long, slow and fluid movements which allow a deep physical and psychical relaxation.

Through soft , enveloping and relaxing effleurage movements, all the massage/bodywork's maneuvers interconnect and intensify in order to relieve the deepest tensions, this could release hidden emotions inscribed in the body's memory, and at the same time allow to get rid of those ubiquitous
unnecessary emotions.

The more the person getting the massage/bodywork let go through the experience, the more she or he opens up to what in Californian massage is called" the touch of the heart", perhaps a great way to start opening the heart and embracing love as a universal key that opens and transforms all.

Californian Massage appeared at the beginning of the 70's, right at the time where thereapy groups emerged and focused on the human potential's developement, feelings' expression and the links between body and spirit.

The Esalen Institute, a centre for development based on Big South, California, USA gathered diverse researchers who contributed in a big scale to this way of thinking. Diffrent kinds of therapy and many bodywork techniques arised from there then.

The Californian Massage technique was developed by Margaret Elke.
She got her inspiration on the soft massage Esalen which she combined with a more intimate and emotive approach. First she taught the techique on the USA, then in France, especially using it as a psychotherapeutic tool.
The technique became popular during the 80's.

One Californian Massage session represents around one hour of effective massage in order to really harmonize the whole body. Around 15 minutes will be needed for the "recovery/return" from this deep relaxation in order to stabilize each person's own biorythm..

This massage/bodywork is performed on the person wreearing only underware by applying fluid bio oil, smoothing and riched in soft aroma from essential oils.

The Benefits

• Relaxes and sooths deeply.
• Elimitates muscle stress.
• Oxygenates the tissues.
• Softens the articulations.
• Improves our physical and psychical health.
• Californian Massage will be able to end nervous exhaustion and muscular overwork resulting from both our professional life and our too sedentary habits inherited by modernity as well our sad disconnection from nature.

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Considerations for Massage/Bodywork

Before a massage/bodywork a shower or a hot bath is recommended.
This will allow not only to help muscles to relax in order to be prepared for our massage/bodywork but also to eliminate unnecesary products on the skin
(oils, perfumes) wich could interfere with the essential bio oils applied by the masseur/bodyworker.

If you plan to keep your underwear during massage, be sure that they are not too tight or limitative because it could diminish your relaxation as well as the capacity of the masseur to work on the gluteal region and the back.

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