The origins of massage go back thousands of years in human history all over Mother Earth. It was originally the Greeks who named it malage in order to describe the techniques of "pushing softly" with the hands. It was also used by the Egyptians with cosmetic purposes. It was in Crete where the Roman Gladiators were given a massage having their whole body covered with oil before their absurd battle at the Coliseum. During the Middle Ages the massage disappeared in Europe and reappered during the Renaissance, and since then it has been practiced by diverse therapists and medicine doctors. During the 19th century Chinese techniques were added to the traditional western massge. At present, traditional medicine includes massage as an effective remedy against stress and muscle tension.

The hands' Movement in its many forms is key to a healthy life without pain. Massage-Bodywok moves and stimulates deeply – enhancing the immune system, strengthening our muscles and connective tissue, removing blocks from the energetic and circulatory systems, nourishing all cells of the body through the Living Matrix and promoting the removal of cellular waste.
The aging process slows and in some cases reverses. Most importantly, movement communicates ‘life’ to the Living Matrix.


Bodywork ?

is based on the principle of understanding massage as a holistic way of healing, of working in the body and soul through the universal energy around us.

Based on diverse massage techniques the magic healing of the hands takes place throug an unwinding session of bodywork.

Massage is often understood by many people as a gratifying moment when someone called masseuse or masseur rubs people's neck and shoulders in order to indulge oneself and most important release the stress and even stop the aging process, often at a spa. And actually people are right. Nevertheless, there is a lot more beyond that:

Until some time ago scientists could not find an explanation for the healing mechanism beyond massage, so people could not see massage as
a preventive health care system or as an effective curative method to release many of their chronic pain conditions. Nowadays such perspective is changing, as we could discover in Energy Medicine, where Dr. James L. Oschman PH.D. refers, defines and introduces the concept of the Living Connective Tissue Matrix (containing 3 main components; cells, fibers, and extracellular matrix. And it makes up a variety of physical structures including: tendons, blood, cartilage, bone, adipose tissue, and lymphatic tissue).



Effects of Massage/Bodywork

1. Effects on the skin

Massage/Bodywork smooths the skin and activates blood circulation and eases the action on the sudoriparous glandes, thus helping the human body to eliminate toxins and body cellular waste. It also increases elasticity and resilience of the skin and helps to prevent the appearance of cellulite.

2. Effects on the muscles

Massage/Bodywork rises the blood intake in the muscles and stimulates heat production which will prepare the muscles for endurance efforts.It breaks up muscle restrictions and trigger points, commonly called "knots" thus reducing pain and increasing strength and flexibility. It also helps the Muscle Tonus and at the same time it will relax the muscle, thus preventing injuries.

Massage/Bodywork improves flexibility as massages stretches and lengthens the muscles and fascia of the body. In many cases masseurs/bodyworkers can stretch areas of the body that a person alone is unable to stretch effectively.

3. Effects on the Circulatory System

Massage/Bodywork mioght increase the blood production process.
Blood level could double after a sports practice through massage/bodywork, which encourages a healthy heart by decreasing elevated blood pressure and also helps increase the strength of the heart's muscle contraction and amount of blood moved by the heartbeat.

4. Effects on the Lymphatic System

Massage/Bodywork will drain the the toxins accumulated in our body and it will also increase the lymphatic flux/circulation. It increases blood and lymph flow and their capacity to transport and hold nutrients such as oxygen,
making a person's body and systems more efficient .

Massage/Bodywork encourages strong immune function and disease prevention. It detoxifies the body of waste products both in the skin and internally, resulting in healthier, younger looking skin and improved internal function.

5. Effects on the Digestive System

Massage/Bodywork will benefit the production of gastric fluids and the activity on the intestine transit when applied on the stomach. It might also help to stabilize the person's weight.

6. Effects on the Respiratory System

Massage/Bodywork increases the respiratory movement's depth and capacity which will benefit the diaphragm's activity.

7. Effects on the Nervous System

Massage/Bodywork works directly on the skin, and when the skin is touched thousands of nervous circuits (located on the Connective Tissue) will awaken immediately. The nervous terminals will relax, thus decreasing muscle pain and cramps. Pain sensitivity will also decrease as Massage/Bodywork stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killer.

Massage/Bodywork promotes deep relaxation and stress reduction.
It relieves mental fatigue by allowing a person's mind to completely relax
so she/he can refocus her/his thoughts while on the massage table. Massage/Bodywork decreases depression, anxiety, and post-partum symptoms.

Very important to consider is that:

Massage/Bodywork has its greatest benefits over time.
The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative, so the more often a person gets a massage/bodywork, the better he or she will feel and the more quickly one’s body will respond.

From one session to the next, relaxation deepens as the chronic patterns of stress in the body are affected and released. These changes are readily felt in day-to-day life as well, which adds another dimension of reinforcement. If you are getting massage to address chronic muscular tension or recovery from a soft tissue injury, more than one session is usually needed, so be prepared to schedule several sessions. As the AMTA American Massage Therapy Association suggests.



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